Our Mission

Iliaska Environmental LLC was originally formed to perform environmental restoration work in remote Alaska.

We are now determined to focus effort on projects which are more forward thinking.  We have become proficient at gathering the information and personnel necessary to navigate through the regulatory processes for conceiving, designing, arranging for the funding and implementation of road projects in remote Alaska through various agencies, and we look forward to performing this function for the benefit of our own village and the benefit of other communities around the Lake.   Specifically, Iliaska Environmental has been working with professionals to design and implement “cradle to grave” road projects, by managing the design survey, design engineers, wetlands delineation, archaeological investigation, environmental assessment, and permitting processes, in additional to developing the Project Development Manuals for those projects.  We have been an integral part of this process for four “shovel ready” road projects.  One of our longer term objectives is to expand this work to assist other Native Villages in the development of their road projects.

We are currently performing all the preliminary work to develop an 11.5 mile road which will connect navigable water in Lake Iliamna to navigable water in the Kvichak River, thereby enhancing the route between South Central and Southwest Alaska.  Since funding for this project will eventually come from several different sources, we anticipate increased activity relating to the development of this project for the next 5 – 10 years.

Our secondary focus is the direct result of the continuous rise in the cost of fuel to power our village.  We are working to assemble a team, capable of evaluating, estimating, and implementing appropriate alternative energy technologies for individual buildings, including residences, based on factors present at each site.   Many funding resources exist for the conversion of structures to alternative energies, including private sources, energy tax credits, and through the federal government.  Our goal is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in the Lake Iliamna area to the maximum extent possible, and provide training and employment opportunity for residents of our region, to install and maintain the new technologies. 

Additionally, we hope to work with the other surrounding communities to manage their solid waste sites more efficiently.

Our management team and resources available to our team, e.g., barges to mobilize and equipment to build, uniquely qualify Iliaska Environmental to fulfill this role in our area.

Because one of our main missions is to develop a trained workforce and sustainable economy for our region, we have formed strategic alliances which allow us to provide training and employment to members of our community interested in pursuing careers in the following areas:

▪  Vessel operation and maintenance, up to and including unlimited Captain’s licenses
            ▪  Marine Biology Sciences
            ▪  Flying and aircraft mechanics, both fixed wing and helicopters
            ▪  Construction Management
            ▪  Equipment Operation and Maintenance
            ▪  Culinary and camp management
            ▪  Surveying
            ▪  Environmental assessment and wetlands delineation
            ▪  Grant writing
            ▪  Office management and bookkeeping



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