Board of Directors

Christina Salmon is currently the Environmental Officer for the Village of Igiugig, as well as manager of Iliaska Environmental.  Christina has been actively working on several alternative energy projects as well as solid waste projects for 4 years, and is a resident of Igiugig.  Christina is also a member of the Village Council.

The other members of the Iliaska Environmental LLC are also actively involved in the management of Iliaska Environmental. 

AlexAnna Salmon, President of the Village Council and Village Administrator, since graduating from Dartmouth in 2008, has been and is an active grant writer since high school.  She is also our "chief" advocate for the community's initiatives, and is currently actively pursuing an in-water hydro plant to eventually supplement the village's diesel power plant. 

Karl Hill, became General Manager of Iliamna Lake Contractors in March of 2017 and the Assistant General Manager for the past several years, is also a member of the Board of Directors.  Karl worked as an environmental project management engineer for Oasis Environmental for 15 years, prior to coming to our Village.

Alicia Zackar, Member of the Village Council since December 2016.

Tom Clark, a Board of Directors Member - Business Advisor



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